Today in Mice — Today!

Yes, it’s Miller-McCune‘s best new blog (although all of them are worth a look). Today in Mice is mostly the work of the enormously talented Matt Palmquist, who’s written and edited for me in some form or fashion for years now. Which may be depressing from his point of view, but from yours, it’s a very good thing, because it has brought you Today in Mice, a blog that plays off all of the vital research that goes on around the globe involving mice. You know, like mice that help to cure cirrhosis, to improve the performance of chemotherapy and to explain the meaning of the noises you make during sex.

OK, it doesn’t sound as brilliantly high-toned in explanation as it actually is; so just go read it already, here.

And if you haven’t seen the cover story for Miller-McCune‘s inaugural issue, “Caution: NAFTA at Work,” you should take a look. It’s gotten links from the Atlantic and Foreign Policy and drawn praise from across the country for its comparison of Spain’s accession to the EU and Mexico’s joining of NAFTA. The upshot: If we integrated our economy more closely with Mexico’s, as the EU did with Spain, illegal Mexico-U.S. immigration would … just … stop.

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