Just like The Onion, if you don’t starve

By the lights of the Samuel Johnson dictum, there are millions upon millions of blockheads writing for no money in these digital times. I suppose to a small extent I am one of them, blogging with no direct (if substantial indirect) recompense. But there’s a limit to everything, even blockheadedness and self-parody, and I think this advertisement on craigslist (“Writers Wanted for Online Political Satirical Publication (Anywhere in US)” ) pretty much marks the border beyond which everything is so obviously stupid and greedy and absurd as to defy further satirization. Here’s the nub of the pitch:

The Washington Fancy is looking for writers for an online political satire publication. We are looking for energetic, creative, humorous, and fun writers who will parody current political news in a light and fresh manner. Please send a resume as well as a sample article that demonstrates political satire. Unfortunately, seeing that this is a brand new venture, we are unable to offer compensation for articles at this time.

This is clearly an unparalleled opportunity, considering that the publication “will double in size every month and skyrocket in views.” And to be part of this skyrocketing fancy, one need only write trenchant political satire and be willing to starve for an indeterminate period of time. Maybe until AOL decides to buy the thing. Hey, wait … where do I send my resume again?

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