Hidden vengeance

Here’s a truly amazing and heartwarming revenge story — one that seems almost too good to be true — about a guy who essentially forced the police to arrest the person who stole his Macbook, using the an app called Hidden and the camera on the laptop to catch the alleged perpetrator. (I haven’t reported this out but am posting off a Facebook item by Jeremy Mullman, a former journalist whom I trust. Let me know if you hear anything about it actually being too good to be true, which I severely doubt.)

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  1. This is a neat story. Scrolling down the linked page gives you some great photos of the thief “staring deliriously into the MacBook.” But here’s a question: If you install this app on your MacBook and then sell the MacBook to another person, can’t you easily use the “Hidden” app to stalk the new owner, taking pictures of him/her without his or her knowledge?

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