World Peace to all

Friends who are not NBA fans or Los Angeles residents may not know that the L.A. Lakers’ Ron Artest  — who in a 2004 gig with the Indiana Pacers charged into the stands because a cup of beer had been thrown at him, sparking a gigantic player-fan fight that led to $11 million in fines against 9 players — has a new name. It is Metta World Peace. His jersey even says “World Peace” on the back.

But Metta’s the same old Artest when it comes to generating non sequiturs, as this Los Angeles Times story shows. I kind of like Artest/Peace, but I really like it when he talks to reporters. I’ll give you two examples of his conversational gifts:

“[T]here’s his response to a reporter who inquired about some teammates calling him Ron and others Metta: `Well, I’m just happy that Jesus Christ, um, did not let me lose my teeth when I was 20 years old.’ “

“[H]is view on all the trade rumors involving the Lakers: `I’ve been more focused on the Herman Cain presidential campaign this year,’ he said. `I want some Godfather’s Pizza.’ “

But you have to read the LAT piece to get the full effect of World Peace in the holiday season. Ho ho ho.

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