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A bridge to nowhere good

If you ever wonder why so much of the “news” you see, hear and read seems to be based on public relations imperatives, watch this video. You will wonder no more.


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La mordida, mapped

When you have a state-by-state map of the likelihood that traffic police will be offered bribes in Mexico, you go with it.

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Second Issue: Happiness by Government

The June issue of Miller-McCune magazine went live today at Some of the better stories:

— Livingston Award finalist Ryan Blitstein on well-being research and whether the government can use it to make us, yes, happy.

— AAAS award-winner Michelle Nijhuis on the fight against business-funded campaigns to manufacture scientific doubt where little exists. (Think tobacco, climate change, asbestos, so on.)

Stanford‘s Norman Nie asks whether education makes you smarter and comes down, in a brilliantly qualified way, on the side of “no.”

— I take off from the British best-seller Flat Earth News to ask (and partly answer) the age-old question: Why are the news media so repetitive and dumb?

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The magazine is up!

The first issue of Miller-McCune magazine is now winging its way across America to 100,000 lucky and smart people. The issue’s also up, in full, on the site. An announcement I’ve been sending around, plugging the premiere, is after the jump. Please do take a look, as you have time.

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