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Where to stick your class warfare

If you don’t know Elizabeth Warren, or don’t think she’s going to be the next U.S. senator from Massachusetts, you haven’t seen this video, which puts the “class warfare” schtick the Republicans have been retailing of late into a Mixmaster and pushes the “puree” button. (h/t Greg Sargent/Washington Post).

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How Warren powned* a congressman

There’s a California-ism that my 13-year-old son uses — powned* — that has something to do with beating someone so badly in a competition that you didn’t just own him, you poned him. I don’t know where the starting p came from, but being poned by your son in basketball is definitely worse than merely being owned. And if you want to see the definition of someone poning a member of Congress, watch what one of my heroes, Elizabeth Warren, does to Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry in this video. (h/t to Gawker.)

* as noted in a comment by the esteemed Shameless Pedant, I had no idea where “pown” came from or even how it was spelled when I wrote this post. As explained below, pown or pwn is an acceptable spelling, but “pone” is not. My apologies to the powning world.


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