To kill the mockingbirds

My cats are pathetic hunters, stalking birds so clumsily and slowly that you can often actually see a bird cock its head and look right at the cat, as if to ask, “Do you really think I can’t see you because you’ve crouched down in the middle of the patio, 20 feet from anything like cover?” But I’ve always watched during the day.  Now here’s a University of Florida study that says cats are veritable mass murderers of mockingbirds, and there’s video to convict them. The surveillance was done on mockingbird nests, which, apparently, cats are fond of raiding at night. I think it unlikely that my two half-Siamese would find a mockingbird nest, day or night, but video is video. The takeaway: Save the birds. Keep your cat in at night.

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  1. Cats – especially feral ones – cause the death of a LOT of native songbirds! I love my cats, but they stay indoors. 😉

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