Some things to occupy yourself with

Although I think the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists a wonderful publication, it is undeniably specialized and wonkish. If you want the most in-depth, expert information available on existential threats to life on Earth, the Bulletin is where you go. You do not go to the Bulletin for critical assessment of a Lady Gaga performance, much as I like Lady Gaga.

Because this blog generally deals with subject matter somewhere between Gaga and Doomsday, I do not link to all of the Bulletin‘s content by any means.But this piece, by Mark Cooper of the Center for Energy and the Environ-ment at Vermont Law School, raises important questions, such as: Why is the US government acting as the unlimited liability insurer for the nuclear industry, putting taxpayers on the hook for damages that could exceed $1 trillion in a single nuclear accident? This is an important story that market-based, conservative publications (do you read me, Wall Street Journal?) ought to pay particular attention to.

And as long as we’re talking about Wall Street and ridiculous govern-mental subsidies for well-connected industries, I thought I’d link to this stirring video from Occupy Everything. (I tried to embed the video, but the code just won’t work, alas.) I’m not anti-capitalist, but I am pro-fairness, and the system has tilted too far toward the wealthy one percent, and too far from the rest of us. I understand why people have gone to occupy Wall Street. I hope they stay for an unreasonably long time


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  1. The Department of Energy also features a full-fledged office, the Office of Nuclear Energy, devoted to promoting nuclear energy per se (visit it at There are other subagencies at DOE that support other sources of energy, but this one actually promotes a single energy source and related technologies. Which is . . . unusual. (WSJ? Anyone? Anyone?)

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