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Some things to occupy yourself with

Although I think the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists a wonderful publication, it is undeniably specialized and wonkish. If you want the most in-depth, expert information available on existential threats to life on Earth, the Bulletin is where you go. You do not go to the Bulletin for critical assessment of a Lady Gaga performance, much as I like Lady Gaga.

Because this blog generally deals with subject matter somewhere between Gaga and Doomsday, I do not link to all of the Bulletin‘s content by any means.But this piece, by Mark Cooper of the Center for Energy and the Environ-ment at Vermont Law School, raises important questions, such as: Why is the US government acting as the unlimited liability insurer for the nuclear industry, putting taxpayers on the hook for damages that could exceed $1 trillion in a single nuclear accident? This is an important story that market-based, conservative publications (do you read me, Wall Street Journal?) ought to pay particular attention to.

And as long as we’re talking about Wall Street and ridiculous govern-mental subsidies for well-connected industries, I thought I’d link to this stirring video from Occupy Everything. (I tried to embed the video, but the code just won’t work, alas.) I’m not anti-capitalist, but I am pro-fairness, and the system has tilted too far toward the wealthy one percent, and too far from the rest of us. I understand why people have gone to occupy Wall Street. I hope they stay for an unreasonably long time


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